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  • Born 20/12/30 in Berlin, Germany. Since 1935 living in Argentina.
  • Married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren
  • Address: Madero 1160, Vicente López (1638), Argentina. Tel/Fax: 5411-4791-5622
  • -
  • CPA and MBA, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) Strategic Modeling, London  Business School (with John Morecroft)
  • Dr. (PhD) in Administration, Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Argentina


For 14 yrs Chief Financial Officer and Director of Planning of Cia. Standard Electric Argentina, local subsidiary of ITT. Financial coordinator of its international projects for Egypt’s. Nigeria’s and Venezuela’s plants. Before and after, director and consultant for various medium-sized Argentine companies. For 50 yrs. Professor of Management Technologies, Strategic Planning, and Systemic Thinking applied to Organizations at several Argentine public and private universities. For 10 years President of the Corporate Planning and Control Committee of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Buenos Aires. For 7 years Dean of the Graduate Business School of IDEA, created by the top firms in the country for training in management skills. In 1986, Fulbright  fellow-in-residence, teaching several Management courses at California State University, Sacramento, CA. In 1998, visiting professor at University of San Diego, CA. In  2007 and 2008, visiting professor at University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. 13 books and over 100 articles published in professional journals.


Systems background:


Long time member, now member of the Consulting Council,  of GESI, Argentine chapter of ISSS. Joined ISSS in 1986 and participated in 12 of its annual meetings. During several years, chair of its Systems Applications to Business and Industry committee (SABI SIG). In  1995, key note speaker at UKSS. For the period 2004-2005 was elected President of ISSS (International Society for the Systems Sciences) and conducted its 49th. annual meeting in Cancun, Mexico. During his presidency, intervened in the re-creation of ALAS, Latin American Association of Systemics. Participated as lecturer in systems meetings in Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia, as well as in the 1st. 2nd and 3rd.  ALAS regional meetings in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ibagüe (Colombia) and Mexico City (Mexico)..

 Vice President of Latin American Association of Systemics (ALAS);  Created the first graduate Systemics course in Argentina (Córdoba National University)

 At present:


  • Academician, International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences
  • Distinguished Honorary Professor (ad vitam) at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
  • Member of the Board of Trustees, International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS)
  • Head of the Center for Systemic Action and Thinking (
  • Lecturer  and invited professor at numerous Universities and institutions
  • Co-founder and member of the Executive Committee of the Patagonic Center for Systemic Strategies of Development (CESDES) in Southern Argentina


Recent books (in Spanish):


  • Introduction to Business Administration – a Guide for Explorers of Organizational Complexity (Granica, 2000)
  • Accounting  and Management – a Systemic Approach to Action-oriented Information (Macchi, 2002) (mention of honor, National Academy of Corporate Sciences)
  • Systemic Thinking – Walking the Change or Changing the Road (Granica, 2003)
  • The Virtuous Circle: Change – Plan – Learn – Change (Granica, 2007
  • Systemic Planning – a Strategic Approach in midst of turbulence (Granica, 2008) (mention of honor, National Academy of Corporate Sciences)
  • Administration (Management): Learn and Act (ed.) (Granica, 2009)
  • Systemic Budgeting - Key for SME Survival (Granica, 2013)
  • Business, Society and Values (EDICON, 2013)


Publications (in French):


REVUE FRANÇAIS DE COMPTABILITÉ: with A.M.Florentino, Brasil) (1968). Matrix aspects of accounting


Publications (in English):


HUMAN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT (1988). The cause-effect loop as explanation of underdevelopment


HUMAN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT (USA): (1989). Hyperinflation, culture and morphogenetic economics in Argentina


NEWSLETTER OF IFSR (1989). The wave-tide model


NEWSLETTER OF IFSR (1991). The ice cream model


SYSTEMS PRACTICE (1988). The cause-effect relation in developing countries


SYSTEMS PRACTICE (1994).The HHRR “waste” in education: a systemic critique


SYSTEMS RESEARCH(1989). Inquiry: Hermann Hesse as forerunner of systemics


SYSTEMS RESEARCH (1996). An agenda for the advancement of systems thinking in society


SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE (UK): (2004). A free interpretation of the dynamics of the Latin American group (at the “agora” conversations at the ISSS meeting in Crete)


SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE (2006) Systemics: science of passion? (closing presidencial speech at the 2005 ISSS meeting at Cancún)


SYSTEMIC PRACTICE AND ACTION RESEARCH 2007) Systemics: what is it good for?


2. Papers presented in international congresses or meetings


at National Congress of ORSA (Los Angeles, USA), 1986 Strategic planning in Argentina: application of Mason and Mitroff’s methodology


at 30º annual meeting of  ISSR (now ISSS) (Philadelphia, USA), 1986 Corporate values in Argentina: application of Russell Ackoff’s methodology


at 31st. annual meeting of  ISSR (now ISSS) (Budapest, Hungary), 1987 The cause-effect loop in developing countries: application of Magoroh Maruyama’s methodology


 33°  annual meeting of ISSS (Edimburg,Scotland), 1989 Change in systems and change of systems (with members of GESI)


 35º annual meeting of ISSS (Ostersund, Suecia), 1991 Economic and cultural aspects of foreign debt in developing countries


3º. Congress of the Society for the Advancement of Socio Economics (SASE), (Stokholm, Sweden), 1991 Development out of Foreign Debt


36º. meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (Denver, USA), 1992 Computorized unfolding of Herrscher’s causal model for a developing country (with G. A. Swanson)


Meetings Ns. 37 (Sydney), 42 (Atlanta), 43 (Monterrey) and 44 (Toronto), in 1993, 1998, 1999 y 2000 respectively: Analysis  and summary of papers on systems applications to industry presented at four ISSS annual meetings


39th. meeting of International Society for the Systems Sciences (Amsterdam), 1995 Why is systems thinking “difficult to sell”


 4th. Congress of the UK Systems Society (Hull,UK), 1995 An agenda for the development of systems thinking


49th. meeting of International Society for the Systems Sciences,  Cancún, México, 2005 The future of the systems approach: a contribution for our action plan


1st. meeting of the Sociedad Sistémica Brasileña (e.f.), Riberao Preto, Brasil, 2006 (with graphics in portuguese) The characteristics of systemics



3. Chapters in books in English


"Hyperinflation, culture and morphogenetic economics in Argentina", with R. Herrscher y M. Diamand, in: "Context and Complexity" by Magoroh Maruyama (ed.), Springer, Nueva York, 1992, 47 pages


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